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  1. Base-induced Sommelet–Hauser rearrangement of N-(α-(2-oxyethyl)branched)benzylic glycine ester-derived ammonium salts via a chelated intermediate
  2. Base-promoted aromatic [3,3] sigmatropic rearrangement of N-acyl-O-arylhydroxylamine derivatives
  3. Chiral Tetraaryl- and Tetraalkynylborates as Chiral Solvating Agents for Tetraalkylammonium Salts
  4. Dearomative [2,3] sigmatropic rearrangement of ammonium ylides
  5. Base-promoted diastereoselective α-alkylation of borane N-((S)-1′-phenylethyl)azetidine-2-carboxylic acid ester complexes
  6. Structural and mechanistic studies of the base-induced Sommelet–Hauser rearrangement of N-α-branched benzylic azetidine-2-carboxylic acid-derived ammonium salts
  7. Base-Induced Sommelet–Hauser Rearrangement of azetidinic acid-derived ammonium salts
  8. Regioselective synthesis of secondary 1,3-dienamides by successive eliminations
  9. Solvent-Dependent Reaction Pathways Operating in Copper(II) Tetrafluoroborate Promoted Oxidative Ring-Opening Reactions of Cyclopropyl Silyl Ethers
  10. Synthesis of linear [5]catenanes via olefin metathesis dimerization of pseudorotaxanes composed of a [2]catenane and a secondary ammonium salt
  11. Diaza [1,4] Wittig-type rearrangement of N-allylic-N-Boc-hydrazines into gamma-amino-N-Boc-enamines
  12. Ring-Substitution, Enlargement, and Contraction by Base-Induced Rearrangements of N-Heterocyclic Ammonium Salts
  13. Aryl-substituted dimethylbenzimidazolines as effective reductants of photoinduced electron transfer reactions
  14. Recent Advances in the Base-Induced Sommelet-Hauser Rearrangement of Amino Acid Derived Ammonium Ylides
  15. Copper-Catalyzed Regiospecific and 1,2-Regioselective Cyclopropanation of (1Z)-1-Amino- and (1Z)-1-Oxy-1,3-butadienyl Derivatives
  16. Metal-Free, One-Pot, Sequential Protocol for Transforming α,β-Epoxy Ketones to β-Hydroxy Ketones and α-Methylene Ketones
  17. Stereoselective preparation of (1Z)- and (1E)-N-Boc-1-amino-1,3-dienes by stereospecific base-promoted 1,4-elimination
  18. Copper(II)–acid catalyzed cyclopropanation of 1,3-dienamides by electrophilic activation of α-aryl diazoesters
  19. A photo-reagent system of benzimidazoline and Ru(bpy)3Cl2 to promote hexenyl radical cyclization and Dowd–Beckwith ring-expansion of α-halomethyl-substituted benzocyclic 1-alkanones
  20. Asymmetric [2,3] Stevens rearrangement via Memory of Chirality
  21. New Development of Base-Induced Sommelet-Hauser Rearrangement of Ammonium Ylides
  22. Carbon–carbon bond formation via benzoyl umpolung attained by photoinduced electron-transfer with benzimidazolines
  23. Copper(II)-salt-promoted oxidative ring-opening reactions of bicyclic cyclopropanol derivatives via radical pathways
  24. Selective Synthesis of [2]- and [3]Catenane Tuned by Ring Size and Concentration
  25. 1,4-Elimination/Brønsted acid catalyzed aza-Ferrier reaction sequence as an entry to β-amino-β,γ-unsaturated aldehydes
  26. A Unique and Simple Preparative Method for α-Arylpipecolinic Acid Esters via Base-Induced Sommelet–Hauser Rearrangement
  27. Copper(II)–acid co-catalyzed intermolecular substitution of electron-rich aromatics with diazoesters
  28. A formal method for the de-N,N-dialkylation of Sommelet–Hauser rearrangement products
  29. 1,2-Dimethoxy-4,5-dimethylene: a new protecting group for acyclic amino acid derivatives prepared by Stevens rearrangement
  30. Asymmetric α-2-tosylethenylation of N,N-dialkyl-l-amino acid estersvia the formation of non-racemic ammonium enolates
  31. An Effective Procedure to Promote Aza–Prins Cyclization Reactions Employing a Combination of Ferric Chloride and an Imidazolium Salt in Benzotrifluoride
  32. Asymmetric α-2-tosylvinylation of in situ-generated N-2-tosylvinyl proline-derived ammonium ylides
  33. Application of biphasic reaction procedure using ferric chloride dissolved in an imidazolium salt and benzotrifluoride (FeIm-BTF procedure) to aza-Prins cyclization reaction
  34. Copper(II) Triflate Catalyzed Intermolecular Aromatic Substitution of N,N-Disubstituted Anilines with Diazo Esters
  35. Remarkable enhancement effect of potassium tert-butoxide/THF solution in base-induced Sommelet–Hauser rearrangements
  36. Resolution of nitrogen-centered chiral tetraalkylammonium salts: application to [1,2] Stevens rearrangements with N-to-C chirality transmission
  37. Brønsted acid catalyzed regioselective aza-Ferrier reaction: a novel synthetic method for α-(N-Boc-2-pyrrolidinyl) aldehydes
  38. New synthetic routes to optically active α-quaternary α-aryl amino acid derivatives via the diastereoselective Stevens and Sommelet–Hauser rearrangements
  39. Asymmetric Sommelet–Hauser Rearrangement of N‐Benzylic Ammonium Salts
  40. A facile synthetic method of α-quaternary-β,γ-unsaturated aldehydes via the stereoselective 1,4-elimination and α-regioselective Ferrier reaction
  41. A facile method for the stereoselective preparation of (1E,3E)-4-substituted-1-amino-1,3-dienes via 1,4-elimination
  42. An efficient optical resolution of nitrogen-centered chiral β-hydroxy-tetraalkylammonium salts via complexation with (R)-BINOL
  43. Regio- and Stereoselective Ferrier Reaction ofO-1,3-Dienyl Acetals Promoted by Organoaluminum Complexes
  44. A facile and stereoselective synthetic method for allylic 1,3-dienyl ethers
  45. Asymmetric [1,2] Stevens Rearrangement of (S)-N-Benzylic Proline-derived Ammonium Salts under Biphasic Conditions
  46. A Facile Method for the Stereoselective Preparation of (1Z,3E)-Dienyl Ethers via 1,4-Elimination of 1,4-Dialkoxy-(2Z)-alkenes with n-Butyllithium
  47. Highly Enantioselective Phase-Transfer-Catalyzed Alkylation of Protected α-Amino Acid Amides toward Practical Asymmetric Synthesis of Vicinal Diamines, α-Amino Ketones, and α-Amino Alcohols
  48. Kinetic Resolution via the [2,3] Stevens Rearrangement of Epimeric Six-membered Ammonium Ylides: A New Entry to Enantio-enriched α-Amino Acid Derivatives
  49. Palladium-Catalyzed Intramolecular Coupling between Aryl Iodides and Allyl Moieties via Thermal and Microwave-Assisted Conditions
  50. Activation and stabilization of aldimines by an ortho-trifluoromethyl substituent in direct vinylogous Mannich-type reactions
  51. Stereoselective terminal functionalization of small peptides for catalytic asymmetric synthesis of unnatural peptides
  52. (2,7-Disubstituted-1,8-biphenylenedioxy)bis(dimethylaluminum) as Bidentate Organoaluminum Lewis Acids:  Elucidation and Synthetic Utility of the Double Electrophilic Activation Phenomenon
  53. Direct Vinylogous Mannich-Type Reactions via Ring Opening and Rearrangement of Vinyloxiranes
  54. Practical Asymmetric Synthesis of Vicinal Diamines through the Catalytic Highly Enantioselective Alkylation of Glycine Amide Derivatives
  55. Highly Stereoselective N-Terminal Functionalization of Small Peptides by Chiral Phase-Transfer Catalysis
  56. Activation of ether functionality of allyl vinyl ethers by chiral bis(organoaluminum) Lewis acids: application to asymmetric Claisen rearrangement
  57. Remarkable template effect of a Lewis acid receptor in the intramolecular radical cyclization: control of reaction pathway as well as stereochemistry
  58. Dramatic Enhancement of Reactivity of Organosilicon Compounds Induced by Complexation of Bis(allyl)silanes with Fluoride Ion
  59. Efficient Synthesis of Aromatic sec-Amides from Esters: Synthetic Utility of Bislithium Amides
  60. Bidentate organoaluminum Lewis acid for selective activation of carbonyl over acetal functionality: Chemoselective functionalization