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  1. Substrate evaluation for biobeds in the degradation of ethylene bis-dithiocarbamate in wastewater from pesticide application in banana
  2. Life Cycle Environmental Impacts and Energy Demand of Craft Mezcal in Mexico
  3. High-throughput sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene to analyze the gut microbiome in juvenile and adult tropical gar (Atractosteus tropicus)
  4. Alternative method for determining API degrees of petroleum in contaminated soil by FTIR
  5. Environmental Impact of Corn Tortilla Production: A Case Study
  6. Gut Microbiome Analysis In Adult Tropical Gars (Atractosteus tropicus)
  7. Shifts in Climatic Niche Occupation in Astrophytum Coahuilense (H. Möller) Kayser and Its Potential Distribution in Mexico
  8. Energy analysis and CO2 eq emissions of chicken meat production
  9. Cutting GHG Emissions at Student Housing in Central Mexico through Solid Waste Management
  10. Environmental Footprint of Domestic Dogs and Cats
  11. El proceso analítico jerárquico como metodología para seleccionar revistas científicas en el área biotecnológica
  12. Degradación de lignina de paja de trigo en aromáticos por Aspergillus y Penicillium
  13. Calculation of this enzyme activity
  14. Biotechnological production of short-chain fatty acids
  15. Generación de aromáticos a partir de paja de trigo
  16. Modelo experimental de difusión de biogás en raíces vegetales