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  1. Bio Electrochemical Systems: A New Approach Towards Environmental Pollution Remediation Biotechnology
  2. Biological Methods for Nitrogen Removal
  3. Nitrogen Removal in Bio Electrochemical Systems
  4. Nitrogen Removal Processes for Wastewater Treatment
  5. An overview report on the application of heteropoly acids on supporting materials in the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants from aqueous solutions
  6. Groundwater quality assessment for drinking and agriculture purposes in Abhar city, Iran
  7. Field Hospital in Disasters: A Systematic Review
  8. Nitrate removal from pharmaceutical wastewater using microbial electrochemical system supplied through low frequency-low voltage alternating electric current
  9. The impact of air pollutants, UV exposure and geographic location on vitamin D deficiency
  10. Enhanced biological nitrate removal by alternating electric current bioelectrical reactor: Selectivity and mechanism
  11. Health risk assessment of heavy metal intake due to fish consumption in the Sistan region, Iran
  12. Low frequency-low voltage alternating electric current-induced anoxic granulation in biofilm-electrode reactor: A study of granule properties
  13. A Review on Nano-Antimicrobials: Metal Nanoparticles, Methods and Mechanisms
  14. Indoor air fungus bioaerosols and comfort index in day care child centers
  15. A review of available techniques for determination of nano-antimicrobials activity
  16. Evaluation of rainwater quality using factor analysis: case study of Khorramabad in western Iran
  17. Groundwater quality and nitrate pollution modeling: an integrated study of contour mapping and geographic information system
  18. Biological Nitrogen Removal in Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor Using Ibuprofen as Carbon Source
  19. Optimization of Remazol Brilliant Blue adsorption process from aqueous solutions using multi-walled carbon nanotube
  20. Electrochemical degradation of RB19 dye using low-frequency alternating current: effect of a square wave
  21. Evaluation of Aydughmush River water quality using the National Sanitation Foundation Water Quality Index (NSFWQI), River Pollution Index (RPI), and Forestry Water Quality Index (FWQI)
  22. Evaluation of Bioaerosols in Five Educational Hospitals Wards Air in Hamedan, During 2011-2012
  23. Removal of acid dyes from aqueous solution using potato peel waste biomass: a kinetic and equilibrium study
  24. Antimicrobial potential of synthesized zinc oxide nanoparticles against gram positive and gram negative bacteria
  25. Isoconcentration mapping of particulate matter in Hamedan intercity bus stations
  26. Chemical Composition and Microbiological Quality of the Central Restaurant Food of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences