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  1. Genital infection with SGLT2 inhibitors: effect of cigarette smoking
  2. Short and medium-term efficacy of sodium glucose co-transporter-2 (SGLT-2) inhibitors: A meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials
  3. Sex hormone-binding globulin is associated with androgen deficiency features independently of total testosterone
  4. Effects of Structured Versus Unstructured Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose on Glucose Control in Patients With Non-insulin-treated Type 2 Diabetes: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
  5. Safety issues with glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and cholelithiasis): Data from randomized controlled trials
  6. Cardiovascular safety of insulin: Between real‐world data and reality
  7. Cardiovascular effects of basal insulins
  8. A meta-analysis of the hypoglycaemic risk in randomized controlled trials with sulphonylureas in patients with type 2 diabetes
  9. Efficacy and safety of sodium glucose co-transport-2 inhibitors in type 2 diabetes: a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials
  10. Determinants of testosterone recovery after bariatric surgery: is it only a matter of reduction of body mass index?
  11. Incretins and the specific mechanism of action of liraglutide, the first applicable human glucagon-like peptide 1 analog in the treatment of type 2 diabetes