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  1. Serpentirhabdias viperidicus new sp.
  2. How Many Parasites Species a Frog Might Have? Determinants of Parasite Diversity in South American Anurans
  3. A new species of Parapharyngodon (Nematoda: Pharyngodonidae) infecting Dermatonotus muelleri (Anura: Microhylidae) from Caatinga, Northeastern Brazil
  4. Checklist of Helminth parasites of Amphibians from South America
  5. A New Species of Milk Frog of the Genus Trachycephalus tschudi (Anura, Hylidae) from the Amazonian Rainforest
  6. Geographic distribution of Physalaemus cicada Bokermann, 1966 (Anura: Leiuperidae) in Northeastern Brazil
  7. A New Snake of the Genus Helicops Wagler, 1830 (Dipsadidae, Xenodontinae) from Brazil
  8. New records and distribution extensions of three species of Mesoclemmys Gray, 1863 (Testudines: Chelidae) in Mato Grosso state, Brazil, with observations on terrestrial movements
  9. Reptilia, Squamata, Amphisbaenidae, Anops bilabialatus: distribution extension, meristic data, and conservation
  10. Life history of the Mato Grosso Antbird Cercomacra melanaria in the Brazilian Pantanal