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  1. A Review of Freeze Casting Technologies and Materials
  2. Enhancing the performance of bioceramics by ion irradiation
  3. Materials and Applications for Low-Cost Ceramic Membranes
  4. Understanding the interactions of water with ceria surfaces
  5. 3D printed polymer derived ceramics
  6. Multiscale modeling of the effective elastic properties of fluid-filled porous materials
  7. Modes of wall induced granular crystallisation in vibrational packing
  8. Tailoring porous media for controllable capillary flow
  9. Transition metal disilicides as resilient heat shield materials
  10. How does doping with strontium improve the performance of hydroxyapatite biomaterials?
  11. Dynamic contact angle hysteresis in liquid bridges
  12. Controlling the movement of fluid in paper based microfluidics and other porous systems
  13. Dynamics of Viscous Entrapped Saturated Zones in Partially Wetted Porous Media
  14. Universal dielectric response understood in granular systems
  15. The role of chelation polymerisation based approach to cation immobilisation
  16. Contact stiffness of multiscale surfaces by truncation analysis
  17. Mechanical properties in crumple-formed paper derived materials subjected to compression
  18. Influence of gas pressure on the effective thermal conductivity of ceramic breeder pebble beds
  19. Universality of the emergent scaling in finite random binary percolation networks
  20. The distribution of saturated clusters in wetted granular materials
  21. Electrical transport in granular metals
  22. The effects of copper doping on photocatalytic activity at (101) planes of anatase TiO2: A theoretical study
  23. Stress-dependent frequency response of conductive granular materials
  24. Evaporation Limited Radial Capillary Penetration in Porous Media
  25. Modeling the formation of SiO2 layers on silicon
  26. Compressive performance and crack propagation in Al alloy/Ti2AlC composites
  27. Thermal conductivity in powders
  28. 3D printable geomaterials
  29. Interfacial electro-mechanical behaviour at rough surfaces
  30. Static friction at fractal interfaces
  31. An improved semi-analytical solution for stress at round-tip notches
  32. The Role of Surface Structure in Normal Contact Stiffness
  33. Static friction between rigid fractal surfaces
  34. Stress-Dependent Electrical Contact Resistance at Fractal Rough Surfaces
  35. Contact mechanics of fractal surfaces by spline assisted discretisation
  36. Exploring new ways to make lithium ceramics for breeder materials
  37. Scalable Surface Area Characterization by Electrokinetic Analysis of Complex Anion Adsorption
  38. Understanding the mechanics of tritium breeding pebble beds
  39. Sand Supported Mixed-Phase TiO2Photocatalysts for Water Decontamination Applications
  40. Experimental and numerical determination of mechanical properties of polygonal wood particles and their flow analysis in silos
  41. Theoretical study on copper's energetics and magnetism in TiO2 polymorphs
  42. Effects of surface structure deformation on static friction at fractal interfaces
  43. Large Rutile grains form in polycrystalline TiO2
  44. Ab initio study of phase stability in doped TiO2
  45. Single and mixed phase TiO2powders prepared by excess hydrolysis of titanium alkoxide
  46. The effects of carboxylic acids on the aqueous dispersion and electrophoretic deposition of ZrO2
  47. The effects of firing conditions on the properties of electrophoretically deposited titanium dioxide films on graphite substrates
  48. Anodic aqueous electrophoretic deposition of titanium dioxide using carboxylic acids as dispersing agents
  49. Morphology and photocatalytic activity of highly oriented mixed phase titanium dioxide thin films
  50. Review of the anatase to rutile phase transformation