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  1. The relationship between firm-level climate change exposure, financial integration, cost of capital and investment efficiency
  2. Does ESG reputational risk affect the efficiency and speed of adjustment of corporate investment?
  3. ESG Reputational Risk, Corporate Payouts and Firm Value
  4. Firms’ sustainability, financial performance, and regulatory dynamics: Evidence from European firms.
  5. How important are capital controls in shaping innovation activity?
  6. Firms’ ESG reputational risk and market longevity: A firm-level analysis for the United States
  7. Is sustainability rating material to the market?
  8. Maritime Firms' Debt-Equity Balance: Speed of Financial Adjustments
  9. The integration of share repurchases into investment decision-making: Evidence from Japan
  10. Dividend Dynamics in the Shipping Industry
  11. Maritime firms cut dividends to fund investments during recessions
  12. Trademarks as Value Signals: Evidence from US IPOs