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  1. Synthesis of ZnWO4/CdWO4 core–shell structured nanorods formed by an oriented attachment mechanism with enhanced photocatalytic performances
  2. Synthesis of Fe2(MoO4)3/MoO3 heterostructured microrods and photocatalytic performances
  3. Synthesis of Fe2(MoO4)3 microspheres by self-assembly and photocatalytic performances
  4. Bi2Sn2O7 hybridized with C3N4
  5. Synthesis of CdWO4nanorods and investigation of the photocatalytic activity
  6. Stable and water-soluble CdTe@SiO2 composite nanospheres: Preparation, characterization and application in LED
  7. Investigations on the Phase Transition between CdV2O6and Cd2V2O7and Their Photocatalytic Performances
  8. Dramatic Activity of C 3N4/BiPO4 Photocatalyst with Core/Shell Structure Formed by Self-Assembly
  9. Synthesis of CdMoO4microspheres by self-assembly and photocatalytic performances
  10. Controllable synthesis of Fe5(PO4)4(OH)3·2H2O as a highly efficient heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst
  11. Effects of distortion of PO4 tetrahedron on the photocatalytic performances of BiPO4
  12. Influence of ZnWO4 nanorod aspect ratio on the photocatalytic activity
  13. Synthesis of ZnWO4 nanorods with [100] orientation and enhanced photocatalytic properties
  14. Crystallization of tin(IV) porphyrin controlled by aggregation mode of porphyrins
  15. Photocatalytic Degradation of Acid Chrome Blue K with Porphyrin-Sensitized TiO 2 under Visible Light
  16. Synthesis and properties of dimeric porphyrin based on the hydroxyphenylporphyrin scaffold