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  1. Intradermal Growing Hair: Two Case Reports
  2. Thalidomide Improves Psoriasis-like Lesions and Inhibits Cutaneous VEGF Expression without Alteration of Microvessel Density in Imiquimod- induced Psoriatic Mouse Model
  3. Aquagenic cutaneous disorders
  4. Original Research: Different imiquimod creams resulting in differential effects for imiquimod-induced psoriatic mouse models
  5. Developing Shingles-Induced Koebner Phenomenon in a Patient With Psoriasis
  6. Recurrent Facial Erythema with Burning Sensation and Increased Temperature: A Variant of Erythromelalgia or a New Entity?
  7. Bullous scabies failing to respond to glucocorticoids, immunoglobulin, and cyclophosphamide