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  1. One step at a time: A statistical approach for distinguishing mediators, confounders, and colliders using direction dependence analysis.
  2. The Effect of Estimation Methods on SEM Fit Indices
  3. Estimating the Maximum Likelihood Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA) with Non-normal Data: A Monte-Carlo Study
  4. Assessing Fit in Ordinal Factor Analysis Models: SRMR vs. RMSEA
  5. Instrumental Variables Two-Stage Least Squares (2SLS) vs. Maximum Likelihood Structural Equation Modeling of Causal Effects in Linear Regression Models
  6. The Relationship Between the Standardized Root Mean Square Residual and Model Misspecification in Factor Analysis Models
  7. Evaluating Factorial Invariance: An Interval Estimation Approach Using Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling
  8. Examining Chi-Square Test Statistics Under Conditions of Large Model Size and Ordinal Data
  9. Examination of the Weighted Root Mean Square Residual: Evidence for Trustworthiness?
  10. The Impact of Partial Factorial Invariance on Cross-Group Comparisons