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  1. The effect of warmer winters on the demography of an outbreak insect is hidden by intraspecific competition
  2. Drivers and mechanisms of tree mortality in moist tropical forests
  3. Aggregation and a strong Allee effect in a cooperative outbreak insect
  4. The minimum founding population in dispersing organisms subject to strong Allee effects
  5. Too much of a good thing: landscape-scale facilitation eventually turns into competition between a lepidopteran defoliator and a bark beetle
  6. The genetic signature of rapid range expansions: How dispersal, growth and invasion speed impact heterozygosity and allele surfing
  7. Variation in carbon availability, defense chemistry and susceptibility to fungal invasion along the stems of mature trees
  8. The Impact of Phloem Nutrients on Overwintering Mountain Pine Beetles and Their Fungal Symbionts
  9. Fertilization of lodgepole pine trees increased diameter growth but reduced root carbohydrate concentrations