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  1. Editorial
  2. Towards Sustainable Habitats in Turkey: Challenges and Prospects for the Future
  3. Urban identity and change
  4. Editorial: urban identity versus globalisation
  5. Lessons for Future Cities and Architecture: Ecology, Culture, Sustainability
  6. Editorial
  7. Understanding Environmental Worldview of Famagusta Residents and Its Determinants through Survey Research
  8. A Holistic Research Approach to Measuring Urban Identity: Findings from Kyrenia Area Study
  9. Editorial: Quality of life in cities
  10. Urban Public Spaces and Vitality: A Socio-Spatial Analysis in the Streets of Cypriot Towns
  11. Ecological and social sustainability
  12. Diversity for Better Quality of Community Life: Evaluations in Famagusta Neighbourhoods
  13. Quality of urban life and neighbourhood satisfaction
  14. Housing and sustainability
  15. Urban design and sustainability
  16. Climatic design in housing environments
  17. Urban identity
  18. Sustainable Urbanism Revisited
  19. Sustainable Urbanism Revisited