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  1. Rules of fullerene polarizability
  2. The increase in the fullerene cage volume upon its chemical functionalization
  3. Exaltation of polarizability as a common property of fullerene dimers with diverse intercage bridges
  4. ChemInform Abstract: Unusual Pathway of the Tantalum‐Catalyzed Carboalumination Reaction of Alkenes with Triethylaluminum.
  5. ChemInform Abstract: Oxidation of Fullerenes with Ozone
  6. A correlation between the mean polarizability of the “kinked” polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the number of H…H bond critical points predicted by Atoms-in-Molecules theory
  7. Polarizability of fullerene [2+2]-dimers: a DFT study
  8. Polarizability as a landmark property for fullerene chemistry and materials science
  9. Density Functional Theory Study on the Decay of Fullerenyl Radicals RC60•, ROC60•, and ROOC60• (R = tert-Butyl and Cumyl) and Polarizability of the Formed Fullerene Dimers
  10. Unusual pathway of the tantalum-catalyzed carboalumination reaction of alkenes with triethylaluminum
  11. TaCl5-catalyzed carbomagnesiation of some norbornenes with ethyl Grignard reagents
  12. Anisotropy of Polarizability of Fullerene Higher Adducts for Assessing the Efficiency of Their Use in Organic Solar Cells
  13. Oxidation of fullerenes with ozone
  14. From Endohedral Complexes to Endohedral Fullerene Covalent Derivatives: A Density Functional Theory Prognosis of Chemical Transformation of Water Endofullerene H2O@C60 upon Its Compression
  15. Polarizability of C60 fullerene dimer and oligomers: the unexpected enhancement and its use for rational design of fullerene-based nanostructures with adjustable properties
  16. Influence of the charge on the volumes of nanoscale cages (carbon and boron-nitridefullerenes, Ge9z−Zintl ions, and cubic Fe4S4clusters)
  17. Dependence of static polarizabilities of C60Xn fullerene cycloadducts on the number of added groups X=CH2 and NH (n=1–30)
  18. Chemiluminescence in the ozonation of C60 aqueous dispersions
  19. Decomposition of sodium hypochlorite in an aqueous solution in the presence of 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl (TEMPO) nitroxyl radical as a catalyst
  20. Polarizability of C70Fullerene Derivatives C70X8and C70X10
  21. General formula for accurate calculation of halofullerenes polarizability
  22. ChemInform Abstract: Indices of the Fullerenes Reactivity
  23. Indices of the fullerenes reactivity
  24. Polarizability of oxygen-containing fullerene derivatives С60Оn and С70О with epoxide/oxidoannulene moieties
  25. Catalytic cycloaddition of diazoalkanes to fullerene C60
  26. Reactivity of fullerenes family towards radicals in terms of local curvature
  27. Polarizability exaltation of endofullerenes X@C n (n = 20, 24, 28, 36, 50, and 60; X is a noble gas atom)
  28. ChemInform Abstract: Catalytic [2 + 1] Cycloaddition of Diazo Compounds to [60]Fullerene.
  29. Reactivity of Fullerene Derivatives C60O and C60F18(C3v) in Terms of Local Curvature and Polarizability
  30. Reactivity of carbonyl oxides generated by the ozonolysis of C60 and C70 fullerenes: a chemiluminescence study and quantum-topological analysis
  31. Catalytic [2+1] cycloaddition of diazo compounds to [60]fullerene
  32. A new approach to the estimation of the fullerene reactivity in 1,3-dipolar addition based on polarizability indices
  33. 1,3-Dipolar addition reactions to fullerenes: the role of the local curvature of carbon surface
  34. Chemiluminescent test for oxofullerenecarbonyl oxides generated in situ by C60 ozonolysis
  35. Quantum Chemical Modeling of Ozone Addition to C60Fullerene
  36. Ozone addition to C60 and C70 fullerenes: A DFT study
  37. New property of the fullerenes: the anomalously effective quenching of electronically excited states owing to energy transfer to the C70 and C60 molecules
  38. A New Type of a Chemiluminescent Reaction: Hydrolysis of Ozonides of Fullerenes C60 and C70.
  39. Formation of secondary fullerene ozonides in the ozonolysis of C60 solutions and chemiluminescence upon their hydrolysis
  40. A new type of a chemiluminescent reaction: Hydrolysis of ozonides of fullerenes C60 and C70