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  1. Molecular dynamics simulations of nematic phases formed by cyano-biphenyl dimers
  2. Plasmonic response of ordered arrays of gold nanorods immersed within a nematic liquid crystal
  3. Structure and Properties of Biaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals
  4. Supramolecular nature of the nematic-nematic phase transitions of hard boardlike molecules
  5. The biaxial nematic phase of oxadiazole biphenol mesogens
  6. Electrodynamic Theory of Three-Dimensional Metamaterials of Hierarchically Organized Nanoparticles
  7. Light scattering by a metallic nanoparticle coated with a nematic liquid crystal
  8. Enhanced light absorption using optical diodes based on cholesteric liquid crystals
  9. Molecular simulation of hierarchical structures in bent-core nematic liquid crystals
  10. Biaxial nematic phases
  11. Liquid crystalline phases and demixing in binary mixtures of shape-anisometric colloids
  12. Symmetries and alignment of biaxial nematic liquid crystals
  13. Molecular Modeling of Liquid Crystalline Self-Organization of Fullerodendrimers: Columnar to Lamellar Phase Transitions Driven by Temperature and/or Concentration Changes
  14. Long- and Short-Range Order in the Mesophases of Laterally Substituted Calamitic Mesogens and their Radial Octapodes
  15. Thermotropic biaxial nematic liquid crystals: Spontaneous or field stabilized?
  16. Self-organisation of fullerene-containing conical supermesogens
  17. Columnar phase structures of an organic–inorganic hybrid functionalized with eight calamitic mesogens
  18. Molecular theory of dendritic liquid crystals: self-organisation and phase transitions
  19. Dielectric studies of a laterally-linked siloxane ester dimer
  20. Detailed atomistic Monte Carlo simulation of grafted polymer melts: II. Orientational order and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra
  21. Molecular Theory of Orientational Order
  22. Structure and nanomechanics of linear dendronised polymers: a molecular simulation study
  23. Dipole strength effects on the polymorphism in smectic A mesophases
  24. Computer simulation of the interface between two liquid crystalline phases in rod–plate binary mixtures
  25. Nematic silsesquioxanes—towards nanocrystals dispersed in a nematic liquid crystal matrix
  26. Tilt, polarity, and spontaneous symmetry breaking in liquid crystals
  27. Quantitative calculation of spontaneous polarization in ferroelectric liquid crystals
  28. Spontaneous Polarization in Tilted Smectics
  29. Shape-Dominated Ordering in Nematic Solvents. A Deuterium NMR Study of Cycloalkane Solutes
  30. Molecular flexibility in nematics: from alkanes to dimer mesogens
  31. Molecular flexibility and orientational ordering of nematic liquid crystals
  32. Alkyl chains in a nematic field. 2. Temperature and chain length dependence of orientational ordering
  33. Alkyl chains in a nematic field. 1. A treatment of conformer shape
  34. Measurements on the Biaxial Order of the Smectic C by the NMR Spinning Sample Technique
  35. Direct NMR observation of rotational freeze-out in the smectic C phase
  36. NMR measurement of biaxial molecular order in the smectic C phase
  37. NMR in Spinning Samples of Biaxial Liquid Crystals