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  1. The list of syndromic developmental disorders caused by minor splicing deficiency keeps expanding
  2. Bi-Allelic Mutations in Zebrafish pank2 Gene Lead to Testicular Atrophy and Perturbed Behavior without Signs of Neurodegeneration
  3. Abnormal Vasculature Development in Zebrafish Embryos with Reduced Expression of Pantothenate Kinase 2 Gene
  4. Silencing of pantothenate kinase 2 reduces endothelial cell angiogenesis
  5. Overexpression of Human Mutant PANK2 Proteins Affects Development and Motor Behavior of Zebrafish Embryos
  6. Rationally co-targeting divergent pathways in KRAS wild-type colorectal cancers by CANscript technology reveals tumor dependence on Notch and Erbb2
  7. Down-regulation of coasy, the gene associated with NBIA-VI, reduces Bmp signaling, perturbs dorso-ventral patterning and alters neuronal development in zebrafish
  8. Knock-down of pantothenate kinase 2 severely affects the development of the nervous and vascular system in zebrafish, providing new insights into PKAN disease