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  1. A generalized Machine Learning model for tool condition monitoring in precision machining processes.
  2. A diagnosis framework is developed using Symbolic Regression.
  3. In-situ workpiece perception: A key to zero-defect manufacturing in Industry 4.0 compliant job shops
  4. A Critical Survey of EEG-Based BCI Systems for Applications in Industrial Internet of Things
  5. Digital twinning applications in manufacturing
  6. A comparative study between weldability of polycarbonate and nylon-6 using different pin geometries in friction stir welding
  7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Manufacturing
  8. Data Communication-Edge, Fog, and Cloud Computing
  9. Evolution of Manufacturing and Its Journey Towards Digital Twin
  10. Image Processing for Digital Twin
  11. Sensor Electronics for Digital Twin
  12. Signal Processing for Digital Twin
  13. Digital Twin Application
  14. Tool Quality Monitoring in Friction Stir Welding Process
  15. Sensor based real-time information for monitoring and control of a manufacturing process
  16. Application of Industry 4.0 in welding.
  17. TransFuse: A Transform Learning Based Multisensor Fusion Framework
  18. Weld defect localization in friction stir welding process
  19. Multi sensor based strategies for accurate prediction of friction stir welding of polycarbonate sheets
  20. Industry 4.0 scheme for real-time monitoring and control of friction stir welding
  21. Digital twin: current scenario and a case study on a manufacturing process
  22. A Study on Electrical and Electrochemical Characteristics of Friction Stir Welded Lithium-Ion Battery Tabs for Electric Vehicles
  23. Enhancement of joint strength in friction stir lap welding between AA6061 and AISI 304 by adding diffusive coating agents
  24. Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing
  25. Friction Stir Welding for Joining of Polymers
  26. Friction stir welding of polypropylene sheet