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  1. Vocabulary of radioanalytical methods (IUPAC Recommendations 2020)
  2. Glossary of methods and terms used in surface chemical analysis (IUPAC Recommendations 2020)
  3. IUPAC/CITAC Guide: Evaluation of risks of false decisions in conformity assessment of a multicomponent material or object due to measurement uncertainty (IUPAC Technical Report)
  4. Terminology of electrochemical methods of analysis (IUPAC Recommendations 2019)
  5. Terminology of bioanalytical methods (IUPAC Recommendations 2018)
  6. Chemistry and Cultural Heritage*
  7. Mass and volume in analytical chemistry (IUPAC Technical Report)
  8. IUPAC, analytical chemistry and our cultural heritage
  9. Managing Standards and Critical Evaluation in a World of Big Data
  10. Chemometric terms defined
  11. Vocabulary of Concepts and Terms in Chemometrics