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  1. Sustainability assurance and provider choice: a meta-regression analysis
  2. The effect of audit inspections on audit fees
  3. The ungreening of integrated reporting: a reflection on regulatory capture
  4. The going-concern opinion and the adverse credit rating: an analysis of their relationship
  5. Auditing in the time of COVID – the impact of COVID-19 on auditing in New Zealand and subsequent reforms
  6. The future of auditing research in the public sector
  7. Audit Fee Research on Issues Related to Ethics
  8. Opportunities for auditing research: back to our interdisciplinary roots
  9. Meta-Regression in Auditing Research: Evaluating the Evidence on the Big N Audit Firm Premium
  10. Evidence About the Value of Public Sector Audit to Stakeholders
  11. The Value of Public Sector Audit: Literature and History
  12. Supreme Audit Institutions and Public Value: Demonstrating Relevance
  13. The frontiers of auditing research
  14. The Going Concern Opinion and the Adverse Credit Rating: An Analysis of Their Relationship
  15. Auditing, International Auditing and the International Journal of Auditing: Editorial
  16. Audit fee stickiness
  17. The Future of Auditing
  18. Privacy Auditing: An Exploratory Study
  19. Non-Audit Services and Auditor Independence: Norwegian Evidence
  20. Auditor Independence in New Zealand: Further Evidence on the Role of Non-Audit Services
  21. Further Evidence from Meta-Analysis of Audit Fee Research
  22. Meta-Regression Analysis and the Big Firm Premium
  23. An Analysis of Submissions on Proposed Regulations for Audit and Assurance in New Zealand
  24. Non-Audit Services and Knowledge Spillovers: An Investigation of the Audit Report Lag
  25. The effects of advertising and solicitation on audit fees
  26. The Effects of Recurring and Nonrecurring Non-Audit Services
  27. Globalization of Professional Accounting: The Big 8 Entering New Zealand
  28. Non-audit Services and Auditor Independence: New Zealand Evidence
  29. Audit Fees: A Meta-analysis of the Effect of Supply and Demand Attributes
  30. The Effects of Advertising and Solicitation on Audit Fees
  31. The Voluntary Choice of an Auditor of Any Level of Quality
  32. Non-audit Services and Auditor Independence: New Zealand Evidence
  33. The Voluntary Choice of an Audit of Any Level of Quality