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  1. Class Struggle from Above and from Below during the covid-19 Pandemic
  2. Class Struggle in the Bolivarian Process
  3. Coomunes and Workers' Control in Venezuela. Building 21st Century Socialism from Below
  4. New Collective Business Paradigms
  5. Interviews
  6. References
  7. Movements and Alternative Construction in Venezuela
  8. Communes, Production, and the Communal State
  9. Front Matter
  10. Class, Constituent Power, and Popular Power
  11. Index
  12. The Communal Councils: Local Self-Administration and Social Transformation
  13. Workers’ Control, Workers’ Councils, and Class Struggle
  14. Local and Worker Self-Management, Two-Track Construction, and Class Struggle: A Preliminary Assessment
  15. Introduction
  16. Can labour be understod as a commoning practice and what would it look like?
  17. Constituent and Constituted Power: Reading Social Transformation in Latin America
  18. Besetzen, Widerstand leisten, produzieren – Betriebsbesetzungen in Argentinien, Brasilien, Uruguay und Venezuela
  19. 7 Venezuela’s Social Transformation and Growing Class Struggle
  20. From Cooperatives to Enterprises of Direct Social Property in the Venezuelan Process
  21. The model of a participatory administration and society in Venezuela
  22. Richard Müller: Der Mann hinter der Novemberrevolution. [Richard Müller: The Man behind the November Revolution]- By Ralf Hoffrogge
  23. Constituent Power in Motion: Ten Years of Transformation in Venezuela
  25. Die neuen Söldner
  26. Bildung und Hochschulbildung für alle Transformation des Bildungssystems in der Bolivarischen Republik Venezuela
  27. Kolumbien — 100 Jahre Krieg gegen die Bevölkerung
  28. Centralité du précariat
  29. From Cooperatives to Enterprises of Direct Social Property in the Venezuelan Process