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  1. Occupational exposure in MR facilities due to movements in the static magnetic field
  2. Evaluation and characterization of fetal exposures to low frequency magnetic fields generated by laptop computers
  3. Quasi-Static Electromagnetic Dosimetry: From Basic Principles to Examples of Applications
  4. Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields do not Affect DNA Damage and Gene Expression Profiles of Yeast and Human Lymphocytes
  5. ELF magnetic field exposure in a neonatal intensive care unit
  6. Electromagnetic Field Monitoring and Control Systems: State-of-the-Art and Work-in-Progress
  7. High permittivity patch radiator for single and multi-element hyperthermia applicators
  8. Phantom characterization of applicators by liquid-crystal-plate dosimetry
  9. EMI-immune thermocouple thermometry in RF hyperthermia systems
  10. Circular microstrip radiator for localized electromagnetic hyperthermia
  11. Analysis of electric and magnetic fields leaking from induction heaters
  12. Magnetic fields from overhead power lines: advanced prediction techniques for environmental impact assessment and support to design