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  1. Considerations for and initial clinical results of a totally implantable Cochlear Implant. First results of a feasibility study & 3 year follow up
  2. Der Einfluss von Cochlea-Implantationen bei älteren Menschen unter Nutzung eines präoperativen MoCA-Screenings für leichte kognitive Beeinträchtigungen
  3. Individualized cochlear implantation – first experience with a new 34 mm electrode for patients with very long cochleae
  4. Pre-operative anatomical analysis estimating optimal electrode array in Cochlear Implant candidates based on CT or MRI images
  5. Präoperative anatomische Analyse zur Abschätzung der optimalen Elektrodenanordnung bei Cochlea-Implantat-Kandidaten anhand von CT- oder MRT-Bildern
  6. The influence of cochlear implantation in the elderly using preoperative MoCA screening for mild cognitive impairment
  7. To what extent is hearing loss contributing to quality-of-life impairment in Menière's patients?
  8. Welchen Stellenwert hat Hörverlust in der Beeinträchtigung der Lebensqualität bei Patienten mit Morbus Menière?
  9. Current Trends and Developments in Cochlear Implantation
  10. Cochlear Implantation in a Patient with Implanted Trigeminus Stimulator—Clinical Considerations for Using Two Different Electrical Stimulators in the Same Patient and Our Results
  11. A patient with cochlear implant and implanted trigeminal nerve stimulator
  12. An objective promontory stimulation test using electrical auditory brainstem response preoperatively
  13. EABR was performed pre-operatively in local and intra-operatively in general anesthesia.
  14. The indication for stapes revision surgery and possible strategies are shown.
  15. Revisionseingriff nach Stapesplastik – Aspekte zur Indikationsstellung und operativer Herangehensweise auf Basis von 114 Eingriffen
  16. Hearing and voice are influencing each other. Patients with cochlear implants were investigated.
  17. Before cochlear implantation, insecure candidates were tested by EABR in local anesthesia.
  18. Preoperative electrically evoked auditory brainstem and cortical potential during local anesthesia
  19. Diagnosis of Menière’s disease according to the criteria of 2015: Characteristics and challenges in 96 patients
  20. Sprachverstehen und Hörqualität mit verschiedenen Sprachprozessoren nach CI Versorgung
  21. Comparison of ABR and ASSR using narrow-band-chirp-stimuli in children with cochlear malformation and/or cochlear nerve hypoplasia suffering from severe/profound hearing loss
  22. Variation of the cochlear anatomy and cochlea duct length: analysis with a new tablet-based software
  23. Variation of the Anatomy of the Cochlea and Cochlear Duct Length (CDL) in Patients who Underwent Standard Cochlear Implantation – Radioanatomy with a New Tablet-Based Software
  24. Variationen in der Anatomie der Cochlea und Cochlear Duct Lengtk (CDL) bei Patienten nach routinemäßiger Versorgung mit einem Cochleaimplantat – Radioanatomie mit einer neuen Tablet-basierten Software
  25. Stapes and Stapes Revision Surgery
  26. Comparison of ABR and ASSR using NB-chirp-stimuli in children with severe and profound hearing loss
  27. ADANO recommendations for the selection of target parameters and measurement processes for the use of auditory evoked potentials, otoacoustic emissions, and impedance audiometry in clinical trials
  28. Empfehlungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutschsprachiger Audiologen, Neurootologen und Otologen (ADANO) zur Auswahl von Zielparametern und Prozessempfehlungen beim Einsatz von akustisch evozierten Potenzialen, otoakustischen Emissionen und der Impedanzau...
  29. A preoperative eABR in local anesthesia for insecure CI candidacy
  30. Zusammenhang zwischen Sprachproduktion und Sprachperzeption bei erwachsenen Cochlea Implantat-Trägern
  31. The relationship between speech intelligibility and speech perception in cochlear implant patients
  32. Threshold changes of ABR results in toddlers and children
  33. How well can CI users understand speech in different situations
  34. Towards a Unified Testing Framework for Single-Sided Deafness Studies: A Consensus Paper
  35. Contents Vol. 21, 2016
  36. Monitoring of Therapeutic Progress by COMES®