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  1. Learning the language of sugars
  2. SweetOrigins: Extracting Evolutionary Information from Glycans
  3. Using Natural Language Processing to Learn the Grammar of Glycans
  4. The Role of Protein Engineering in Biomedical Applications of Mammalian Synthetic Biology
  5. DeepConnection: Classifying Relationship State from Images of Romantic Couples
  6. A CRISPR/Cas9-based central processing unit to program complex logic computation in human cells
  7. Purity by design: Reducing impurities in bioproduction by stimulus-controlled global translational downregulation of non-product proteins
  8. Speaking to nature: a deep learning representational model of proteins ushers in protein linguistics
  9. Arch enemy no more: designing the first synthetic globular all-beta proteins with beta-arches
  10. New adaptive laboratory evolution database highlights the need for consolidating directed evolution data
  11. Synthetic bacterial stem cells and their multicellularity for synthetic biology and beyond
  12. Updating the in silico human surfaceome with meta-ensemble learning and feature engineering
  13. Programming mammalian gene expression with the antibiotic simocyclinone D8 and the flavonoid luteolin
  14. Caffeine-inducible gene switches controlling experimental diabetes
  15. Generalized extracellular molecule sensor platform for programming cellular behavior
  16. Designer exosomes produced by implanted cells intracerebrally deliver therapeutic cargo for Parkinson’s disease treatment
  17. Design and applications of a clamp for Green Fluorescent Protein with picomolar affinity
  18. Generation of glucose-sensitive insulin-secreting beta-like cells from human embryonic stem cells by incorporating a synthetic lineage-control network
  19. Design of Synthetic Promoters for Gene Circuits in Mammalian Cells
  20. Crystal structures of the phosphorylated BRI 1 kinase domain and implications for brassinosteroid signal initiation