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  1. An RNA aptamer that shifts the reduction potential of metabolic cofactors
  2. Identification of DNA Aptamers for Benzodiazepine Detection in Synthetic Urine
  3. Electrochemistry of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Modified Glassy Carbon Electrodes in Biological Buffers
  4. Effect of Aptamer Binding on the Electron-Transfer Properties of Redox Cofactors
  5. Pyrroloquinoline quinone maintains redox activity when bound to a DNA aptamer
  6. Controlled Placement of Enzymes on Carbon Nanotubes Using Comb-Branched DNA
  7. Enhanced deoxyribozyme-catalyzed RNA ligation in the presence of organic cosolvents
  8. Photoinduced DNA cleavage by atomic oxygen precursors in aqueous solutions
  9. Investigation of a Deoxyribozyme As a Biofuel Cell Catalyst
  10. Modulation of an RNA-branching deoxyribozyme by a small molecule
  11. Use of Deoxyribozymes in RNA Research
  12. Improvement of DNA adenylation using T4 DNA ligase with a template strand and a strategically mismatched acceptor strand
  13. Deoxyribozymes: useful DNA catalysts in vitro and in vivo
  14. DNA-Catalyzed Formation of Nucleopeptide Linkages
  15. DNA-Catalyzed Formation of Nucleopeptide Linkages
  16. Deoxyribozyme-Catalyzed Labeling of RNA
  17. Deoxyribozyme-Catalyzed Labeling of RNA
  18. In vivo excision of a single targeted nucleotide from an mRNA by a trans excision-splicing ribozyme
  19. 5‘ Transcript Replacement in Vitro Catalyzed by a Group I Intron-Derived Ribozyme †
  20. Molecular Recognition in a Trans Excision-Splicing Ribozyme:  Non-Watson−Crick Base Pairs at the 5‘ Splice Site and ωG at the 3‘ Splice Site Can Play a Role in Determining the Binding Register of Reaction Substrates †
  21. Molecular recognition properties of IGS-mediated reactions catalyzed by a Pneumocystis carinii group I intron