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  1. Cobalt Carbonate as an Electrocatalyst for Water Oxidation
  2. Polyoxometalates entrapped in sol-gel matrices as electron exchange columns and catalysts for the reductive de-halogenation of halo-organic acids in water
  3. The reduction of perchlorate is a difficult process, a new way to perform it is outlined.
  4. Covalent binding of a nickel macrocyclic complex to a silica support: towards an electron exchange column
  5. Three H2O2 molecules are involved in the “Fenton-like” reaction between Co(H2O)62+ and H2O2
  6. The role of carbonate as a catalyst of Fenton-like reactions in AOP processes: CO3˙− as the active intermediate
  7. The “Fenton like” reaction of MoO43− involves two H2O2 molecules