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  1. Correction: Utilizing the bioorthogonal base-pairing system of l-DNA to design ideal DNA nanocarriers for enhanced delivery of nucleic acid cargos
  2. A microwell plate-based multiplex immunoassay for simultaneous quantitation of antibodies to infectious viruses
  3. A dual-responsive pH-sensor and its potential as a universal probe for assays of pH-changing enzymes
  4. L-DNA nanocarrier for delivery of nucleotide cargos
  5. Synthesis of 3′-O-fluorescently mono-modified reversible terminators and their uses in sequencing-by-synthesis
  6. Elongated oligonucleotide-linked immunosorbent assay for sensitive detection of a biomarker in a microwell plate-based platform
  7. Sentinel lymph node imaging by a fluorescently labeled DNA tetrahedron
  8. DNA nanocarrier for delivery of anticancer agents into drug-resistant cells
  9. A highly sensitive, multiplex immunoassay using gold nanoparticle-enhanced signal amplification
  10. A novel real-time PCR method based on signaling-by-incorporation
  11. An Approach to Multiplexing an Immunosorbent Assay with Antibody−Oligonucleotide Conjugates
  12. Novel 3′‐O‐Fluorescently Modified Nucleotides for Reversible Termination of DNA Synthesis
  13. An RNase H‐Assisted Fluorescent Biosensor for Aptamers