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  1. Remark on Algorithm 1010: Boosting Efficiency in Solving Quartic Equations with No Compromise in Accuracy
  2. very fast and very efficient numerical solver of polynomial equations of fourth degree
  3. Theory of self-assembly-driven nematic liquid crystals revised
  4. Free energy of conformational isomers: The case of gapped DNA duplexes
  5. Amyloid Fibrils Length Controls Shape and Structure of Nematic and Cholesteric Tactoids
  6. Nematic liquid crystals of bifunctional patchy spheres
  7. Elastic Constants of Chromonic Liquid Crystals
  8. Exploiting limited valence patchy particles to understand autocatalytic kinetics
  9. Speeding up Monte Carlo simulation of patchy hard cylinders
  10. Smectic phase in suspensions of gapped DNA duplexes
  11. Anomalous dynamics of intruders in a crowded environment of mobile obstacles
  12. Simulation and Theory of Antibody Binding to Crowded Antigen-Covered Surfaces
  13. Hierarchical Propagation of Chirality through Reversible Polymerization: The Cholesteric Phase of DNA Oligomers
  14. Unusual Dynamics of Concentration Fluctuations in Solutions of Weakly Attractive Globular Proteins
  15. Nematic phase characterisation of the self-assembling sphere-cylinders based on the theoretically calculated RDFs
  16. Non-universal Voronoi cell shapes in amorphous ellipsoid packs
  17. Self-assembly of mesogenic bent-core DNA nanoduplexes
  18. Modelling the rheology of anisotropic particles adsorbed on a two-dimensional fluid interface
  19. Self-Assembly-Driven Nematization
  20. Self-assembly of hard helices: a rich and unconventional polymorphism
  21. Diffusion-limited reactions in crowded environments: a local density approximation
  22. Irreversible bimolecular reactions with inertia: from the trapping to the target setting at finite densities
  23. Scaling between relaxation, transport and caged dynamics in a binary mixture on a per-component basis
  24. Comment on “Generalized localization model of relaxation in glass-forming liquids”
  25. How to calculate structure factors of self-assembling anisotropic particles
  26. Self-assembly of short DNA duplexes: from a coarse-grained model to experiments through a theoretical link
  27. Self-Assembly of Bifunctional Patchy Particles with Anisotropic Shape into Polymers Chains: Theory, Simulations, and Experiments
  28. Monte Carlo and event-driven dynamics of Brownian particles with orientational degrees of freedom
  29. Optimizing event-driven simulations
  30. Crowding, Intermolecular Interactions, and Shear Flow Effects in the Diffusion Model of Chemical Reactions
  31. Scaling between structural relaxation and particle caging in a model colloidal gel
  32. Diffusion-Limited Reactions in Crowded Environments
  33. Simulating hard rigid bodies
  34. Modeling the Crossover between Chemically and Diffusion-Controlled Irreversible Aggregation in a Small-Functionality Gel-Forming System
  35. Inertial effects in diffusion-limited reactions
  36. Universal divergenceless scaling between structural relaxation and caged dynamics in glass-forming systems
  37. Connecting Irreversible to Reversible Aggregation: Time and Temperature
  38. A parameter-free description of the kinetics of formation of loop-less branched structures and gels
  39. Non-Gaussian effects in the cage dynamics of polymers
  40. Simulation of the dynamics of hard ellipsoids
  41. The influence of bond rigidity and cluster diffusion on the self-diffusion of hard spheres with square well interaction
  42. Growth of equilibrium polymers under non-equilibrium conditions
  43. A molecular dynamics study of chemical gelation in a patchy particle model
  44. Event-Driven Simulation of the Dynamics of Hard Ellipsoids
  45. Universal scaling between structural relaxation and vibrational dynamics in glass-forming liquids and polymers
  46. Viscoelasticity and Stokes-Einstein relation in repulsive and attractive colloidal glasses
  47. Dynamics of Uniaxial Hard Ellipsoids
  48. Event-driven Brownian dynamics for hard spheres
  49. Aging in a Laponite colloidal suspension: A Brownian dynamics simulation study
  50. Slow dynamics in a primitive tetrahedral network model
  51. Dynamics in the Presence of Attractive Patchy Interactions
  52. Molecular correlation functions for uniaxial ellipsoids in the isotropic state
  53. Routes to colloidal gel formation
  54. Arrested phase separation in a short-ranged attractive colloidal system: A numerical study
  55. Scaling of Dynamics with the Range of Interaction in Short-Range Attractive Colloids
  56. Scaling in soft spheres: fragility invariance on the repulsive potential softness
  57. Saddles and softness in simple model liquids
  58. Landscapes and fragilities
  59. Numerical evaluation of the statistical properties of a potential energy landscape
  61. Equilibration times in numerical simulation of structural glasses: Comparing parallel tempering and conventional molecular dynamics
  62. Viscous flow and jump dynamics in molecular supercooled liquids. I. Translations
  63. Viscous flow and jump dynamics in molecular supercooled liquids. II. Rotations
  64. Chapter 22. Gel and Glass Transitions in Short-Range Attractive Colloidal Systems