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  1. Mission statement and social impact: Shedding light on the contribution of Italian B corps to society
  2. Mission statements and financial and sustainability performance: An exploratory study of Benefit Corporations certified as B Corps
  3. Characterizing the mission statements of Italian benefit corporations
  4. Rethinking occupational welfare policies in long-term care organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic: an organisational ethics approach
  5. Understanding of Purpose of Italian Benefit Corporations
  6. The Effect of Mandatory Publication of Nonfinancial Disclosure in Europe on Sustainability Reporting Quality: First Insights about Italian and German Companies
  7. Sustainability Reporting Quality of Peruvian Listed Companies and the Impact of Regulatory Requirements of Sustainability Disclosures
  8. Consequences of obligating companies to disclose non-financial information in Italy and Germany
  9. Promoting Development in Weak Institutional Environments: The Understanding and Transmission of Sustainability by NGOS in Latin America
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting—Administrative Burden or Competitive Advantage?
  11. Managing Stakeholders for the Sake of Business and Society
  12. Practical wisdom for management from the Buddhist and Indian traditions
  13. A Social Capital Approach Towards Social Innovation
  14. Practical wisdom for management from the Islamic tradition
  15. Practical wisdom for management from the Jewish tradition
  16. Seasoning business knowledge: challenging recent Catholic social thought
  17. CSR in Peru
  18. Humanistic management
  19. Slovakia