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  1. Neutron diffraction measurements at high pressure and 4 Kelvin
  2. High Pressure Thermodynamic Properties of Some Poly-Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  3. Thermoelastic properties of deuterated melamine, C3N6D6, between 4.2–320 K at 5 kPa and between 0.1–5.0 GPa at 295 K from neutron powder diffraction and DFT calculations
  4. Hydrogen bonding in ethanol – a high pressure neutron diffraction study
  5. On intensities in high pressure neutron powder diffraction using single and polycrystalline diamond anvils: small versus large sample volumes
  6. Compression of glycolide-h4 to 6 GPa
  7. New insights into the phase diagram of a magnetic perovskite, LaCo 1/3 Mn 2/3 O 3
  8. An improved method for calibrating time-of-flight Laue single-crystal neutron diffractometers