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  1. Using functional groups to predict the spatial distribution of large herbivores on the Palaeo‐Agulhas Plain, South Africa, during the Last Glacial Maximum
  2. The archaeology of climate change: The case for cultural diversity
  3. Retrodicting large herbivore biomass for the last glacial maximum on the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain (South Africa) using modern ecological knowledge of African herbivore assemblages and rainfall
  4. Settlement choice under conditions of rapid shoreline displacement in Wemindji Cree Territory, subarctic Quebec
  5. The foraging potential of the Holocene Cape south coast of South Africa without the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain
  6. The impact of the Last Ice Age on the genetic relatedness of Western European people
  7. An agent-based approach to weighted decision making in the spatially and temporally variable South African Palaeoscape
  8. Agent-based least-cost path analysis and the diffusion of Cantabrian Lower Magdalenian engraved scapulae
  9. Paleoscape model of coastal South Africa during modern human origins
  10. The role of spatial foresight in models of hominin dispersal
  11. Social Complexity in the Mid-Holocene Northeastern Bothnian Gulf