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  1. The Year of the Rat and Public Health
  2. Public Health Implications of African Swine Fever in Asia
  3. Vale Professor Duncan Boldy
  4. Kuru: As the Neurological Disease Fades From Memory, Shoe Advertising Takes Over
  5. The In-Between Age: Adolescent Health
  6. Time to Get on With It: Climate Change Needs Public Health Action Now
  7. Caesarean delivery associated with adverse breastfeeding practices: a prospective cohort study
  8. How Should We Approach Cardiovascular Disease in Asia: Public Health Perspectives?
  9. The Parachute Paradox: What Works in Public Health and Continual Improvement in the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health
  10. Publish or the Population Perishes: The Challenges of Regional Publishing in Public Health
  11. Zika: Where Are You?
  12. Public Health Is What We Can Measure
  13. World Tuberculosis Day: The Public Health Challenge Continues
  14. Prevalence and pregnancy outcomes of gestational diabetes mellitus by different international diagnostic criteria: a prospective cohort study in Vietnam
  15. Public Health and the Year of the Pig
  16. Primary Health Care: Beyond the Slogans
  17. Infant Feeding Guidelines for the Asia Pacific Region
  18. Commentary: Hazards of Agricultural Chemicals and the Benefits of an Occupational Health Education Program for Thai Farmers
  19. A Simple Solution That Saves Lives: Overcoming Diarrheal Disease in the Age of Universal Health Coverage
  20. The National Health Service, Alma Ata, and the Great Western China Earthquake: Important Public Health Anniversaries to Remember
  21. Gestational diabetes incidence and delivery outcomes in Western China: A prospective cohort study
  22. Remembering Gustav Klimt and 50 Million Others: The 100 Year Anniversary of the Greatest Human Epidemic
  23. Big Tobacco Finds a New Way to Make Profits: And Still Kill People
  24. Children and E-Cigarettes: A New Threat to Health
  25. Controlling Worms Needs Traditional Public Health Programs
  26. The Emerging Silver Society in the Asia Pacific Region
  27. Barking Our Way Into the Year of the Dog: Public Health Benefits and Challenges
  28. Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Eastern and Southeastern Asia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  29. Nobel Prizes, Nudge Theory, and Public Health
  30. The Role of Public Health Nutrition in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the Asia Pacific Region
  31. Health Promotion in the Asia Pacific Region: An Ongoing Challenge
  32. A Time-varying Covariate Approach for Survival Analysis of Paediatric Outcomes
  33. Can Hospitals Contribute to the Public’s Health?
  34. Breastfeeding beyond the big smoke: Who provides support for mothers in rural Western Australia?
  35. Hepatitis Requires Public Health Action
  36. Let’s Talk About Depression in the Asia Pacific Region
  37. Vegetable Stir Fry and Fruit Salad: The Super Diet for Health
  38. Fukushima Disaster
  39. Dietary Guidelines for the Asia Pacific Region
  40. Winning the Public’s Health
  41. Protective effects of breastfeeding against acute respiratory tract infections and diarrhoea: Findings of a cohort study
  42. Public Health in the Year of the Rooster
  43. The Social Determinants of Health in the Age of Genomics
  44. Leprosy: Feared and Forgotten, but Still with Us.
  45. Diabetes in the Asia Pacific Region
  46. Leptospirosis
  47. Environmental Challenges Facing Public Health in 2016
  48. The Year of the Monkey and Progress in Public Health in the Asia Pacific Region