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  1. A Coding Scheme for Studying Group Interactions in International Negotiations: A Methodological Advance on the IPA protocol
  2. Inter-firm Collaboration: Mutual Forbearance and the Principle of Congruity
  3. Entrepreneur's higher level of HE impacts negatively on the attractiveness of SMEs
  4. The Role of Online Reviews in Services Sector and Implications for Services Firms
  5. Hybrid Strategy, Ambidexterity and Environment: toward an Integrated Typology
  6. The principle of congruity in the analysis of international business cooperation
  7. What are Decision Making Styles for International Apparel Brands in a Large Emerging Market?
  8. The impact of R&D-specific factors on the attractiveness of small- and medium-sized enterprises as partnersvis-à-visalliance formation in large emerging economies
  9. Do brand names in a foreign language lead to different brand perceptions?
  10. Brand Image Perceptions across Cultures: a Study of Symbolic and Functional Associations.
  11. Risk assessment of option performance for new product and process development projects in the chemical industry: a case study
  12. Supply chain agility: the influence of industry culture on asset capabilities within capital intensive industries
  13. Organisational self‐assessment and the adoption of managerial innovations
  14. Negotiating alliances in emerging markets?Do partners' contributions matter?
  15. Enhancing Value Stream Agility:
  16. Great Expectations?:
  17. Revitalising new process development in the UK fine chemicals industry