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  1. Experimental Valveless Pumping
  2. Comparison of Fluid Dynamics Variations Between Chimney and Fenestrated Endografts for Pararenal Aneurysms Repair: A Patient Specific Computational Study as Motivation for Clinical Decision-Making
  3. Identification of regional/layer differences in failure properties and thickness as important biomechanical factors responsible for the initiation of aortic dissections
  4. Energy harvesting and cardiovascular monitoring through arterial wall pulsation
  5. An Approach for Self-Powered Cardiovascular Monitoring Based on Electromagnetic Induction
  6. Self-Powered Implantable Electromagnetic Device for Cardiovascular System Monitoring Through Arterial Wall Deformation
  7. Elevated expression of mechanosensory polycystins in human carotid atherosclerotic plaques: association with p53 activation and disease severity
  8. Commentary: Occlusion of Parallel/Bridging Stent-Grafts in the Treatment of Complex Aneurysms
  9. Enhanced diffusion for oscillatory viscoelastic flow
  10. Studying the Flow Dynamics in an Aortic Endograft with Crossed-limbs
  11. Geometric Factors Affecting the Displacement Forces in an Aortic Endograft With Crossed Limbs: A Computational Study
  12. Modeling and Computational Analysis of the Hemodynamic Effects of Crossing the Limbs in an Aortic Endograft (“Ballerina” Position)
  13. Reversed blood flow in some arteries due to narrowing of others
  14. One-dimensional model of valveless pumping in a closed loop and a numerical solution
  15. Modelling of the Blood Flow Circulation in the Human Foetus by the End of the Third Week of Gestation