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  1. The Interpersonal Sunk-Cost Effect
  2. Patience auctions: the impact of time vs. money bidding on elicited discount rates
  3. The Cognitive Psychology of Sensitivity to Human Fatalities
  4. Response to Bonnefon et al.: Limited ‘kernels of truth’ in facial inferences
  5. Social Attributions from Faces
  6. Social attributions from faces bias human choices
  7. The many (distinctive) faces of leadership: Inferring leadership domain from facial appearance
  8. Many behavioral tendencies associated with right-leaning (conservative) political ideologies are malleable and unrelated to negativity
  9. Characterizing the Time-Perspective of Nations with Search Engine Query Data
  10. Using big data to predict collective behavior in the real world
  11. Unfakeable Facial Configurations Affect Strategic Choices in Trust Games with or without Information about Past Behavior
  12. Effects of Symptom Presentation Order on Perceived Disease Risk
  13. The Martyrdom Effect: When Pain and Effort Increase Prosocial Contributions
  14. Axe the Tax: Taxes Are Disliked More than Equivalent Costs
  15. Fooled by first impressions? Reexamining the diagnostic value of appearance-based inferences
  16. Elected in 100 milliseconds: Appearance-Based Trait Inferences and Voting
  17. Distributions of observed death tolls govern sensitivity to human fatalities
  18. Linguistic and metalinguistic intuitions in the philosophy of language
  19. Randomness in retrospect: Exploring the interactions between memory and randomness cognition
  20. Doing Unto Future Selves As You Would Do Unto Others: Psychological Distance and Decision Making
  21. Coincidence
  22. Egocentrism
  23. Taxes and Consumer Behavior