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  1. Blue stain fungi infecting an 84‐million‐year‐old conifer from South Africa
  2. An expanded diversity of oomycetes in Carboniferous forests: Reinterpretation of Oochytrium lepidodendri (Renault 1894) from the Esnost chert, Massif Central, France
  3. Thomas Norwood Taylor (1938–2016)
  4. The origin and evolution of mycorrhizal symbioses: from palaeomycology to phylogenomics
  5. Fungal colonization of the rooting system of the early land plantAsteroxylon mackieifrom the 407-Myr-old Rhynie Chert (Scotland, UK)
  6. The earliest wood and its hydraulic properties documented inc. 407-million-year-old fossils using synchrotron microtomography
  7. Analysis of the early symbiotic relationships of plants and fungi