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  1. Electronic Health Records: Design, Implementation, and Policy for Higher-Value Primary Care
  2. Texting While Doctoring
  3. The Efficacy of Screening Colonoscopy—Reply
  4. Texting While Doctoring: A Patient Safety Hazard
  5. Expanding Primary Care Capacity By Reducing Waste And Improving The Efficiency Of Care
  6. Medicare Payment for Cognitive vs Procedural Care
  7. Training Tomorrow's Comprehensive Primary Care Internists: A Way Forward for Internal Medicine Education
  8. Test Result Follow-Up: A Systematic Review
  9. “Pay-for-performance” as a Quality Improvement Tool
  10. The Patient-Centered Medical Home Neighbor: A Primary Care Physician's View
  11. 'Core Teams': Nurse-Physician Partnerships Provide Patient-Centered Care At An Iowa Practice
  12. Improvement Happens: an Interview with Christine Sinsky, MD
  13. High Quality Care and Ethical Pay-for-Performance: A Society of General Internal Medicine Policy Analysis
  14. Key Elements of High-Quality Primary Care for Vulnerable Elders
  15. Delayed Clinician Responses to Elevated Prostate-Specfic Antigen Values
  16. Delayed Clinician Responses to Elevated prostate-specific Antigen Values
  17. The Impact of Expressions of Treatment Efficacy and Out-of-pocket Expenses on Patient and Physician Interest in Osteoporosis Treatment: Implications for Pay-for-performance Programs
  18. Pay-for-Performance and Accountability
  19. The Annual Examination: A Touchstone for Contextualized Care
  20. Unreimbursed Services in Primary Care
  21. Unreimbursed Services in Primary Care
  22. Unilateral acquired renal cystic diseas and neoplasia in a patient with renal artery stenosis