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  1. Interpersonal communication and psychological well-being among couples coping with sensory loss: The mediating role of perceived spouse support
  2. Couples' coping and well-being when faced with hearing-, vision-, or dual-sensory loss
  3. Achievement, Language, and Technology Use Among College-Bound Deaf Learners
  4. Mental Health and Spouse Support Among Older Couples Living With Sensory Loss
  5. Patient and Caregiver Adjustment to Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: a Systematic Review of Dyad-Based Studies
  6. Use of technological aids and interpretation services among children and adults with hearing loss
  7. Sexuality and Well-Being Among Couples Living with Acquired Deafblindness
  8. A relationship-focused investigation of spousal psychological adjustment to dual-sensory loss
  9. Couples’ Experience of Sensory Loss
  10. Sensory loss and its consequences for couples’ psychosocial and relational wellbeing: an integrative review
  11. Male and Female Differences in Nonconscious Mimicry: A Systematic Review
  12. Therapeutic Horse Riding Improves Cognition, Mood Arousal, and Ambulation in Children with Dyspraxia