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  1. Rent-seeking middle classes and the short-term rental business in inner-city Lima
  2. Christien Klaufus and Arij Ouweneel (eds.), Housing and Belonging in Latin America (Oxford and New York: Berghahn Books, 2015), pp. xiii + 330, £75.00, hb.
  3. Deathscape politics in Colombian metropolises: Conservation, grave recycling and the position of the bereaved
  4. “The dead are killing the living”: Spatial justice, funerary services, and cemetery land use in urban Colombia
  5. Book Reviews
  6. Urban Residence: Housing and Social Transformation in Globalizing Ecuador.Christien Klaufus(Translated by LeeMitzman). New York: Berghahn Books, 2012. 313 pp.
  7. Latin American and Caribbean Urban Development
  8. Book Reviews
  9. Jerome Krase 2012: Seeing Cities Change: Local Culture and Class. Urban Anthropology Series. Farnham and Burlington, VT: Ashgate.
  10. Deathscapes in Latin America’s Metropolises: Urban Land Use, Funerary Transformations, and Daily Inconveniences
  11. A Review of “Homes and Homecomings: Gendered Histories of Domesticity and Return”
  12. Mobilities and Mobilizations of the Urban Poor
  13. The Symbolic Dimension of Mobility: Architecture and Social Status in Ecuadorian Informal Settlements
  14. Moving and improving: poverty, globalisation and neighbourhood transformation in Cuenca, Ecuador
  15. Informal Housing
  16. Landlords and Lodgers: Socio-spatial Organization in an Accra Community - By Deborah Pellow
  17. The two ABCs of aided self-help housing in Ecuador
  18. Suburbanisatie op z’n Latijns-Amerikaans
  19. Watching the city grow: remittances and sprawl in intermediate Central American cities
  20. Zelfbouwstad
  21. Unfolding the City: Women Write the City in Latin America - Edited by Anne Lambright and Elisabeth Guerrero
  22. Writing Spaces: Discourses of Architecture, Urbanism, and the Built Environment, 1960?2000 ? C. Greig Crysler
  23. Globalization in residential architecture in Cuenca, Ecuador: social and cultural diversification of architects and their clients