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  1. A Novel Ultra-Lightweight Multiband Rectenna on Paper for RF Energy Harvesting in the Next Generation LTE Bands
  2. A dual band antenna based on a Quarter Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide
  3. Evolutionary design of a dual band E-shaped patch antenna for 5G mobile communications
  4. Highly Integrable Paper-Based Harmonic Transponder for Low-Power and Long-Range IoT Applications
  5. Guest Editorial
  6. Design of a ultra-compact low-power rectenna in paper substrate for energy harvesting in the Wi-Fi band
  7. A dual band circularly polarized SIW interleaved antenna array
  8. Dual band RF harvesting with low-cost lossy substrate for low-power supply system
  9. Evolutionary Algorithms Applied to Antennas and Propagation: A Review of State of the Art
  10. Evolutionary Algorithms Applied to Antennas and Propagation: Emerging Trends and Applications
  11. Mutual coupling effects on the MIMO capacity using dual band Wi-Fi double-T printed antennas
  12. Polarization diversity performance of mobile terminals in multipath environment using MIMO channel characterization
  13. Evaluation of error vector magnitude due to combined IQ imbalances and phase noise
  14. Circularly polarized quadrifilar helix array using a sequentially rotated feed network
  15. Circularly polarized quadrifilar helix array using a sequentially rotated feed network
  16. The regulatory framework for wireless power transfer systems
  17. Physical interpretation of a modified Lorentz dielectric function for metals based on the Lorentz–Dirac force
  18. A Low Cost CP Printed Antenna Array For Portable L‐Band Satellite Data Terminals
  19. “Essentials of Cognitive Radio” (L. E. Doyle, 2009) [Reviews and Abstracts
  20. Combined effects of finite diversity switch isolation and antenna mutual coupling on spatial diversity
  21. Orthogonal Methods for Array Synthesis: Theory and the ORAMA Computer Tool (Sahalos, J.N.; 2006) [Reviews and Abstracts]
  22. Improved approximation error bounds when modeling WLAN signals in flat fading channels
  23. The effect of mutual coupling on the correlation of spatial diversity schemes using conformal antennas
  24. Analysis and experiment on harmonic radiation and frequency tuning of varactor-loaded microstrip antennas
  25. Handbook of Engineering Electromaguetics [Book Review
  26. Planar Antennas for Wireless Communications [Book Review]
  27. Harmonic Radiation from Varactor-Loaded Microstrip Antennas
  28. Digital communication over fading channels: a unified approach to performance analysis [Book Review]
  29. Small H-shaped antennas for MMIC applications
  30. Analysis and design of integrated active circulator antennas
  31. FDTD simulation of active integrated antenna
  32. FDTD analysis of microstrip configurations incorporating gain blocks