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  1. Coordination polymers from a highly flexible alkyldiamine-derived ligand: structure, magnetism and gas adsorption studies
  2. Exploiting the Pyrazole-Carboxylate Mixed Ligand System in the Crystal Engineering of Coordination Polymers
  3. Discrete and polymeric Cu(ii) complexes featuring substituted indazole ligands: their synthesis and structural chemistry
  4. Ultramicroporous MOF with High Concentration of Vacant CuII Sites
  5. Liquid‐Phase Enantioselective Chromatographic Resolution Using Interpenetrated, Homochiral Framework Materials
  6. Preparation of open and closed forms of the lvt network with Cu(ii) complexes of structurally related 1,2-diazole ligands
  7. Hydrogen-Bonding Motifs in Piperazinediium Salts
  8. Dimensionality Variation in Dinuclear Cu(II) Complexes of a Heterotritopic Pyrazolate Ligand
  9. Engineering entanglement: controlling the formation of polycatenanes and polyrotaxanes using π interactions
  10. MOFs for Separations
  11. Self-assembly of discrete and polymeric metallosupramolecular architectures from cyclen-derived ligands
  12. The influence of anion, ligand geometry and stoichiometry on the structure and dimensionality of a series of AgI-bis(cyanobenzyl)piperazine coordination polymers
  13. Acid directed in situ oxidation and decarboxylation of 4,4′,6,6′-tetra-methyl-2,2′-bipyridine: Synthesis and structural characterisation of 4,4′,6-tri-carboxy-2,2′-bipyridine and its copper(II) coordination polymer
  14. Synthesis and characterisation of dinuclear Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) unsaturated helical complexes from a novel dipyridyl-bispyrazole ligand
  15. Synthesis, structural and magnetic characterisation of iron(ii/iii), cobalt(ii) and copper(ii) cluster complexes of the polytopic ligand: N-(2-pyridyl)-3-carboxypropanamide
  16. Discrete and Polymeric Cu(II) Coordination Complexes with a Flexible bis-(pyridylpyrazole) Ligand: Structural Diversity and Unexpected Solvothermal Reactivity
  17. Synthesis and structural characterisation of a Co(II) coordination polymer incorporating a novel dicarboxy-Trögers base/bis-pyrazole mixed ligand system
  18. Synthesis of an Fe(II) dinuclear triple helicate from a novel -bis-(N-pyrazolyl)pyridine ligand, [Fe2L3]4+: solution and solid-state studies
  19. Hysteretic carbon dioxide sorption in a novel copper(ii)-indazole-carboxylate porous coordination polymer
  20. Thermally and photo-induced spin crossover behaviour in an Fe(ii) imidazolylimine complex: [FeL3](ClO4)2
  21. ChemInform Abstract: A Simple and Environmentally Benign Synthesis of Polypyridine‐polycarboxylic Acids.
  22. A simple and environmentally benign synthesis of polypyridine-polycarboxylic acids
  23. Partial spin crossover behaviour in a dinuclear iron(ii) triple helicate