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  1. Li2SrSiO4:Ce3+, Pr3+Phosphor with Blue, Red, and Near-Infrared Emissions Used for Plant Growth LED
  2. Highly Sensitive Optical Thermometry of Yb3+-Er3+Codoped AgLa(MoO4)2Green Upconversion Phosphor
  3. Thermometric and optical heating bi-functional properties of upconversion phosphor Ba5Gd8Zn4O21:Yb3+/Tm3+
  4. Near-infrared down-conversion and energy transfer mechanism in Yb3+-doped Ba2LaV3O11phosphors
  5. Synthesis and thermometric properties of shuttle-like Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped NaLa(MoO4)2 microstructures
  6. Up-conversion luminescence properties of Yb –Ho3+ co-doped CaLa2ZnO5
  7. Electronic Structure and Luminescence Properties of Phosphor Li8 Bi2 (MoO4 )7 : Dy3+
  8. Band engineering of dichalcogenide MX2 nanosheets (M = Mo, W and X = S, Se) by out-of-plane pressure
  9. Infrared-to-visible up-conversion luminescence of CaIn2O4 co-doped with RE3+/Yb3+ (RE=Tm, Pr, Nd)
  10. Quantum wells formed in transition-metal dichalcogenide nanosheet-superlattices: stability and electronic structures from first principles
  11. Green up-conversion luminescence of Yb3+-Er3+ co-doped CaLa2ZnO5 for optically temperature sensing
  12. Synthesis, electronic structures and luminescent properties of Eu3+ doped KGdTiO4
  13. Green up-conversion luminescence in Yb3+-Pr3+ co-doped BaRE2ZnO5 (RE=Y, Gd)
  14. Up-conversion luminescence of Er^3+-Yb^3+ co-doped CaIn_2O_4
  15. Preparation and luminescence of blue-emitting phosphor Ca2PO4Cl:Eu2+ for n-UV white LEDs
  16. Synthesis and up-conversion luminescence properties of Yb3+–Er3+ Co-doped In2O3
  17. Spectroscopy properties of Eu3+ doped Ca9R(VO4)7 (R=Bi, La, Gd and Y) phosphors by sol–gel method
  18. Photoluminescence and cathode-luminescence of Eu3+-doped NaLnTiO4 (Ln = Gd and Y) phosphors
  19. Photoluminescence and efficient energy transfer from Ce3+ to Tb3+ or Mn2+ in Ca9ZnLi(PO4)7 host
  20. Green-emitting phosphor Na2Gd2B2O7:Ce3+, Tb3+ for near-UV LEDs
  21. Double emitting phosphor NaSr4(BO3)3:Ce3+, Tb3+ for near-UV light-emitting diodes
  22. Photoluminescence of double-color-emitting phosphor Ca5(PO4)3Cl:Eu2+, Mn2+ for near-UV LED
  23. ChemInform Abstract: Luminescent Properties of UV Excitable Blue Emitting Phosphors MSr4(BO3)3:Ce3+ (M: Li and Na).
  24. ChemInform Abstract: Blue‐Emitting Phosphor M2B5O9Cl: Eu2+ (M: Sr, Ca) for White LEDs.
  25. Blue-White-Yellow Tunable Emission from Ce3+ and Eu2+ Co-Doped BaSiO3 Phosphors
  26. Blue-emitting phosphor M2B5O9Cl: Eu2+ (M Sr, Ca) for white LEDs
  27. Preparation and luminescent properties of phosphor MGd2(MoO4)4: Eu3+ (M=Ca, Sr and Ba)
  28. ChemInform Abstract: Luminescent Properties of Sr2SiO4: Eu2+ Nanorods for Near‐UV White LED.
  29. Luminescent Properties of Eu3+‐Doped BaLn2ZnO5 (Ln=La, Gd, and Y) Phosphors by the Sol–Gel Method
  30. Luminescent properties of Sr2SiO4: Eu2+ nanorods for near-UV white LED
  31. Two-color emitting of Eu2+ and Mn2+ co-doped Sr2Mg3P4O15 for UV LEDs
  32. Photoluminescence Properties and Crystallographic Sites of Ce[sup 3+] in Ca[sub 2]BO[sub 3]Cl
  33. Gate-field-induced phase transitions in VO2: Monoclinic metal phase separation and switchable infrared reflections
  34. Preparation of phosphors AEu(MoO4)2 (A = Li, Na, K and Ag) by sol-gel method
  35. Luminescent properties of SrMg2(PO4)2:Eu2+, and Mn2+ as a potential phosphor for ultraviolet light-emitting diodes
  36. Preparation of Y2O2S:Eu3+phosphors by a novel decomposition method
  37. Tunable color emission and afterglow in CaGa2S4: Eu2+, Ho3+ phosphor
  38. Methods to improve the fluorescence intensity of CaS:Eu2+ red-emitting phosphor for white LED
  39. Preparation of 3D ZnSe novel structure
  40. Three-band white light from InGaN-based blue LED chip precoated with Green/red phosphors
  41. Luminescent properties of Eu2+ and Ho3+ co-doped CaGa2S4 phosphor
  42. Luminescence and energy transfer in Sr2GdxY7.9−xLn0.1(SiO4)6O2 (Ln=Sm, Dy, Eu)
  43. Improving the stability of alkaline earth sulfide-based phosphors