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  1. Storage-induced deterioration of domestic water quality
  2. Performance evaluation of a municipal water distribution system using WaterCAD and Epanet
  3. An Optimization Approach for Assessing the Reliability of Rainwater Harvesting
  4. Physicochemical Conditions for Adsorption of Lead from Water by Rice Husk Ash
  5. A comparative study of lead adsorption by activated Khaya Ivoresnsis and Pycanthus Angolensis sawdust
  6. A Comparative Evaluation of the Water Quality Standards of Different Countries
  7. Industrialization and its Backlash: Focus on Climate Change and its Consequences
  8. Investigative Study of Biodeterioration of External Sandcrete/Concrete Walls in Nigeria
  9. Effective Hydraulic Conductivity for a Soil of Variable Pore Size with Depth
  10. Spatiality, seasonality and ecological risks of heavy metals in the vicinity of a degenerate municipal central dumpsite in Enugu, Nigeria
  11. Status of municipal solid waste generation and disposal in Nigeria
  12. Comparative Study of the Leachability of Heavy Metals from Sewage Sludge, Sawdust and Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste
  13. Hierarchical analysis of rainfall variability across Nigeria
  14. Preliminary Assessment of Rainwater Harvesting Potential in Nigeria: Focus on Flood Mitigation and Domestic Water Supply
  15. Multicriteria Assessment of Various Onsite Wastewater Treatment Options for Nigeria
  16. Dynamics of domestic water supply and consumption in a semi-urban Nigerian city
  17. A review of the upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor
  18. Water quality assessment
  19. Time series analysis of monthly rainfall in Nigeria with emphasis on self-organized criticality