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  1. Consumer preferences for sustainably produced ultra-high-temperature milk in China
  2. Alcohol consumption and income: Evidence from one-sample and two-sample Mendelian randomizations
  3. Genetic basis of STEM occupational choice and regional economic performance: A UK Biobank Genome-wide Association Study
  4. Alcohol Consumption and Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Mendelian Randomization Study from Rural China
  5. Relationship between rice farming and polygenic scores potentially linked to agriculture in China
  6. Using Genetic Information to Improve the Prediction of Individual Food Choice: A Case Study of Alcoholic Beverages
  7. Understanding why taller people earn more
  8. Consumer responses to front-of-package labeling in the presence of information spillovers
  9. Hybrid marriages and phenotypic heterosis in offspring: Evidence from China
  10. Information Cost and Consumer Choices of Healthy Foods
  11. TV advertising spillovers and demand for private labels: the case of carbonated soft drinks
  12. Will knowing diabetes affect labor income? Evidence from a natural experiment
  13. The Impact of Four Alternative Policies to Decrease Soda Consumption