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  1. Effects of Room Acoustics on Vocal Fatigue: A Systematic Review
  2. Voice Biofeedback via Bone Conduction Headphones Impacts Voices of People with Voice Disorders
  3. Daily Phonotrauma Index: Differences in Women's Self-Reported Vocal Status
  4. Changes in the Daily Phonotrauma Index Following the Use of Voice Therapy as the Sole Treatment for Phonotraumatic Vocal Hyperfunction in Females
  5. Speaking Faster Impacts Vocal Fatigue
  6. The Effect of Bilingualism on Production and Perception of Vocal Fry
  7. Perception and Acoustic Studies of Vowel Intelligibility in Dysphonic Speech
  8. Differences in Daily Voice Use Measures Between Female Patients With Nonphonotraumatic Vocal Hyperfunction and Matched Controls
  9. Singing Voice Quality: The Effects of Maxillary Dental Arch and Singing Style
  10. Do Voice Acoustic Parameters Differ Between Bilingual English-Spanish Speakers and Monolingual English Speakers During English Productions?
  11. The effect of room acoustics on voice parameters: A systematic review
  12. Reproducibility of Voice Parameters: The Effect of Room Acoustics and Microphones