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  1. Photocatalytic degradation of dyes by novel electrospun nanofibers: A review
  2. Polymer Nanocomposite Foams and Acoustics
  3. Theory, Modeling, and Simulation of MXene/Polymer Nanocomposites
  4. Environmental sustainability through recycled polythene textile art
  5. An overview of the science and art of encapsulated pigments: Preparation, performance and application
  6. Harnessing Microalgae Biomass from Lake Taihu as a Natural Biocolorant Source for Sustainable Eco-Friendly Dyeing of Cotton with Ultrasonication
  7. A Comparative Study on the Techniques, Tools and Materials for Indigenous Weaving in Ghana
  8. Culturally Influenced Garment Designs: Focused on Ga-Adangbe Cultural Elements in Ghana
  9. Narrow Strip Weaving in the Volta Region Ghana
  10. Progress on the Fabrication of Smart Textiles Based on Soft Strain Sensors
  11. Risk assessment of attitudes and practices of students and practitioners toward studio dyeing in Ghana
  12. A comparative study of knitted strain sensors fabricated with conductive composite and coated yarns
  13. A Novel Approach to Unzipped Tubes Synthesis Using Sulfanilic Acid as the Backbone Amino Acid
  14. Synthesis of highly stable bacterial cellulosic pocket for drug storage
  15. Phosphorylation and Octenylsuccinylation of Acid-Thinned Starch for Enhancing Adhesion on Cotton/Polyester Blend Fibers at Varied Temperature Sizing