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  1. An Overview of the State of Electoral Democracy in Africa
  2. The Right to Political Participation in Sub-Saharan Africa
  3. Constitutional literacy in Africa: challenges and prospects
  4. Designing Institutions and Mechanisms for the Implementation and Enforcement of the Constitution: Changing Perspectives in Africa
  5. Personal Data Protection in Nigeria: Reflections on Opportunities, Options and Challenges to Legal Reforms
  6. Election Management Bodies (embs) in Eastern and Southern Africa: Some Reflections on their Legal Framework
  7. The African Union’s data protection Convention 2014: a possible cause for celebration of human rights in Africa?
  8. 31 Rethinking Anti-Corruption Strategies in Africa: Constitutional Entrenchment as Basis for Credible and Effective Anti-Corruption Clean-Ups
  9. Conceptualising a Framework for Inclusive, Fair and Robust Multiparty Democracy in Africa: The Constitutionalisation of the Rights of Political Parties
  10. Constitution-Building in Africa
  11. Gender equality in African customary law: has the male ultimogeniture rule any future in Botswana?
  12. Appointment of constitutional adjudicators in Africa: some perspectives on how different systems yield similar outcomes
  13. State, Religion, and Law in Cameroon: Regulatory Control, Tension, and Accommodation
  14. A Critical Review of the Jurisprudence of the African Commission on the Right to Development
  15. Africanisation of Legal Education Programmes: The need for Comparative African Legal Studies
  16. Some perspectives on durability and change under modern African constitutions
  17. An Overview of the Constitutional Framework of the Right to Social Security with Special Reference to South Africa
  18. Some Reflections on the Prospects for the Harmonization of International Business Laws in Africa: OHADA and Beyond
  19. Botswana
  20. Internationalization of Constitutional Law and Constitutionalism in Africa
  21. Africa’s Imperial Presidents: Immunity, Impunity and Accountability
  22. Challenges to Constitutionalism and Constitutional Rights in Africa and the Enabling Role of Political Parties: Lessons and Perspectives from Southern Africa*
  23. Protecting Children's Rights in Social Science Research in Botswana: Some Ethical and Legal Dilemmas
  24. Botswana and the Dynamics of Legal Modernisation within a Dual English Common Law/Roman-Dutch Legal Heritage
  25. Cameroon's emergency powers: a recipe for (un)constitutional dictatorship?
  26. The Constitutuional Protection Against discrimination In Botswana
  27. The Protection of Freedom of Expression in the Public Service Media in Southern Africa: a Botswana Perspective
  28. Some insights into statutory lawmaking in Botswana
  29. The Crisis of Confidentiality in the Control of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Botswana
  30. The Enhancement of Good Governance in Botswana: A Critical Assessment of the Ombudsman Act, 1995
  31. La crise du secret médical dans le cadre de la lutte contre la pandémie de vih/sida au Botswana
  32. Endemic Corruption in Cameroon: Insights on Consequences and Control
  33. Curbing corruption in Africa: some lessons from Botswana’s experience
  34. Compensation of victims of motor vehicle accidents in Botswana: an appraisal of the MVA Fund Act scheme
  35. Cameroon and the dilemma of media pluralism
  36. The new Cameroonian constitutional council in a comparative perspective: progress or retrogression?
  38. Freedom of Expression in the Cameroonian Democratic Transition
  39. The Motor Accident Compensation Ordinance, 1989, of Cameroon
  40. The Scope for Uniform National Laws in Cameroon
  41. The African Union and Democratization