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  1. Navigating Early Vaccine Shortages: Thailand's COVID-19 Strategy
  2. Tracking COVID-19 with wastewater in Thailand
  3. Monkeypox found in wastewater in heavily populated Asian city with limited testing
  4. COVID-19 vaccination can reduce the length of isolation required
  5. Estimation of Excess All-Cause Mortality Due to COVID-19 in Thailand
  6. How building and road layouts affect the spread of rabies: Insights from a modeling study
  7. Modelling of the transmission dynamics of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in hospitals and design of control strategies
  8. Reconstructing the transmission dynamics of Thailand's first COVID-19 epidemic wave
  9. COVID-19 Control Strategies and Healthcare Demand in Germany
  10. Southeast Asia is an emerging hotspot for COVID-19
  11. The effects of flooding and weather conditions on leptospirosis transmission in Thailand
  12. How the individual human mobility spatio-temporally shapes the disease transmission dynamics
  13. Active case detection and prompt isolation reduce COVID-19 spread more effectively
  14. Role of a Concentration Gradient in Malaria Drug Resistance Evolution: A Combined within- and between-Hosts Modelling Approach
  15. A mathematical model for Zika virus transmission dynamics with a time-dependent mosquito biting rate
  16. Understanding Zika Virus Outbreaks Through Mathematical Modeling
  17. Investigation on predominant Leptospira serovars and its distribution in humans and livestock in Thailand, 2010-2015
  18. Monte Carlo simulation of the effects of vesicle geometry on calcium microdomains and neurotransmitter release
  19. Computational analysis of the roles of biochemical reactions in anomalous diffusion dynamics
  20. Combinatorial Genetic Modeling ofpfcrt-Mediated Drug Resistance Evolution inPlasmodium falciparum
  21. Origin of Robustness in Generating Drug-Resistant Malaria Parasites
  22. Modeling seasonal leptospirosis transmission and its association with rainfall and temperature in Thailand using time–series and ARIMAX analyses