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  1. The dynamics of federal (in)stability and negotiated cooperation under single-party dominance: insights from Modi’s India
  2. Understanding multilevel dynamics in India: constituent power and multilevel governance
  3. CONCESSIONARY FEDERALISM in a Dominant Party System
  4. Partisan Federalism and Paradiplomacy
  5. Economic governance: Does it make or break a dominant party equilibrium? The case of India
  6. India after the 2014 general elections: BJP dominance and the crisis of the third party system
  7. Comparing fiscal federalism
  8. Understanding contemporary Indian federalism
  9. Continuity and change in contemporary Indian federalism
  10. Continuity and change in Indian fiscal federalism
  11. Modi-fying Indian Federalism? Center-State Relations Under Modi's Tenure as Prime Minister
  12. Continuity and change in contemporary Indian federalism
  13. A Situational Theory of Pork Barrel Politics
  14. Distributive Fiscal Politics in India: Single Party Dominant Era Versus Coalition Era
  15. Beyond fiscal gaps and Imbalances
  16. A Discursive Dominance Theory of Economic Reform Sustainability: The Case of India
  17. Emerging Dimensions of Decentralisation Debate in the Age of Globalisation