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  1. Magnetohydrodynamics Boundary Layer Slip Casson Fluid Flow over a Dissipated Stretched Cylinder
  2. Unsteady Carreau-Casson fluids over a radiated shrinking sheet in a suspension of dust and graphene nanoparticles with non-Fourier heat flux
  3. Convective conditions and dissipation on Tangent Hyperbolic fluid over a chemically heating exponentially porous sheet
  4. Cattaneo -Christov heat flux model for magnetohydrodynamic flow in a suspension of dust particles towards a stretching sheet
  5. Carreau fluid over a radiated shrinking sheet in a suspension of dust and Titanium alloy nanoparticles with heat source
  6. Exponentially Decaying Heat Source on MHD Tangent Hyperbolic Two-Phase Flows over a Flat Surface with Convective Conditions
  7. MHD Reacting and Radiating 3-D Flow of Maxwell Fluid Past a Stretching Sheet with Heat Source/Sink and Soret Effects in a Porous Medium
  8. The Flow of Radiated Carreau Dusty Fluid over Exponentially Stretching Sheet with Partial Slip at the Wall
  9. Radiative and Viscous Ohmic Dissipation on MHD Tangent Hyperbolic Fluid over a Convectively Heated Sheet in a Suspension of Dust Particles
  10. Effect of Convective Boundary Condition on MHD Carreau Dusty Fluid over a Stretching Sheet with Heat Source
  11. Effects of Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux on Casson Nanofluid Flow Past a Stretching Cylinder
  12. Radiation Absorption and Viscous-Dissipation on MHD Flow of Casson Fluid over a Vertical Plate Filled with Porous Layers
  13. Heat and Mass Transfer in 3D Non-Newtonian Nano and Ferro Fluids over a Bidirectional Stretching Surface
  14. Effect of Nonlinear Thermal Radiation on 3D Jeffrey Fluid Flow in the Presence of Homogeneous–Heterogeneous Reactions
  15. Chemically Reacting Radiative MHD Jeffrey Nanofluid Flow over a Cone in Porous Medium
  16. Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Eyring-Powell Nanofluid Flow due to Cone in Porous Medium
  17. Dual Solutions for Unsteady Heat and Mass Transfer in Bio-Convection Flow towards a Rotating Cone/Plate in a Rotating Fluid