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  1. Understanding the Effects of Intergroup Interactions on Polarization
  2. Fairness of Interaction in Ranking under Position, Selection, and Trust Bias
  3. Register-based census in Thailand: A case study in Chachoengsao province
  4. Improving Data-driven Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Estimation Under Structure Uncertainty
  5. RGRecSys
  6. Inferring causal effects with arbitrary time delays in time series.
  7. Causal Inference from Network Data
  8. Propensity-Independent Bias Recovery in Offline Learning-to-Rank Systems
  9. Identifying Linear Models in Multi-Resolution Population Data Using Minimum Description Length Principle to Predict Household Income
  10. A nonparametric framework for inferring orders of categorical data from category-real pairs
  11. Framework for Inferring Following Strategies from Time Series of Movement Data
  12. Correcting for Selection Bias in Learning-to-rank Systems
  13. ipADMIXTURE: R package for inferring sub-population clusters based on genetic admixture
  14. Moving Beyond Set-It-And-Forget-It Privacy Settings on Social Media
  15. Mining and modeling complex leadership–followership dynamics of movement data
  16. Variable-Lag Granger Causality for Time Series Analysis
  17. Traits of Leaders in Movement Initiation: Classification and Identification
  18. Coordination Event Detection and Initiator Identification in Time Series Data
  19. Mining and Modeling Complex Leadership Dynamics of Movement data
  20. Framework for Inferring Leadership Dynamics of Complex Movement from Time Series
  21. Identifying Traits of Leaders in Movement Initiation
  22. iNJclust: Iterative Neighbor-Joining Tree Clustering Framework for Inferring Population Structure
  23. Improved iterative pruning principal component analysis with graph-theoretic hierarchical clustering