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  1. The difference decent work makes in people's work and personal lives
  2. How do shared values improve eudaimonic workplace well-being: role of perceived justice and emotional exhaustion among nurses
  3. Can I Trust My Phone to Replace My Wallet? The Determinants of E-Wallet Adoption in North Cyprus
  4. From Big Data Analytics to Organizational Agility: What Is the Mechanism?
  5. Green human resource management in service industries: the construct, antecedents, consequences, and outlook
  6. Can Mindfulness Improve Organizational Citizenship and Innovative Behaviors Through its Impact on Well-Being Among Academics?
  7. How and when mindfulness inhibits emotional exhaustion: a moderated mediation model
  8. Opportunity Entrepreneurship and Subjective Wellbeing: The Role of Psychological Functioning. Does individualism change this relationship?
  9. Workplace bullying in the hospitality industry: A hindrance to the employee mindfulness state and a source of emotional exhaustion
  10. Global Perspectives on Recruiting International Students: Challenges and Opportunities
  11. Participation in decision-making and work outcomes: evidence from a developing economy
  12. Flourishing Women through Sustainable Tourism Entrepreneurship
  13. Servant Leadership Style and High-Performance Work System Practices: Pathway to a Sustainable Jordanian Airline Industry
  14. The Moderating Impact of Firm Size on the Relationship between Working Capital Management and Profitability
  15. Workplace bullying, psychological distress, resilience, mindfulness, and emotional exhaustion
  16. Do high-performance work systems always help to retain employees or is there a dark side?
  17. Manager mindsets and employee organizational citizenship behaviours
  18. Coaching and employee organizational citizenship behaviours: The role of procedural justice climate
  19. Role of social media community in strengthening trust and loyalty for a university
  20. What Factors Influence Employee Service Recovery Performance and What Are the Consequences in Health Care?
  22. The role of cultural context in direct communication
  23. An investigation of the role of justice in turnover intentions, job satisfaction, and organizational citizenship behavior in hospitality industry
  24. Using job embeddedness factors to explain voluntary turnover in four European countries
  25. The process of choosing a management career
  26. An Empirical Study of Some Demographic and Work-Related Variables on Job Satisfaction of Academics in a Turkish University
  27. An analysis of the relationship between organizational strategy and human resource policies in Turkey
  28. Recruitment and training policies and practices
  29. Cognitive Styles and Learning Preferences of Undergraduate Business Students in North Cyprus
  30. Firm size and recruitment: staffing practices in small and large organisations in north Cyprus